What Exactly Do Police Officers Do?

Police officers have a difficult job. They do their best to protect the public while making sure the law is followed properly. Police officers have a large amount of various duties, and one day may be a lot different from the next. They also must undergo extensive training since they have to deal with a […]

Police Officer Ranks

Police officer ranks vary from state to state to a degree, but most major cities follow the same basic ranking system. It’s built on a military ranking system with each rank having a higher-ranked officer to oversee the lower ranks. The higher-ranking officers have put more time into the uniform and can advise or reprimand […]

Police Officer Career Information

Are you considering becoming a police officer? There are some basic requirements: you must be at least 21 years old and a high school graduate with no criminal history. Depending on the area of law enforcement you choose, like the Highway Patrol, there is a cut-off age. Local police departments may not have a cut-off […]

become police officer delaware

How to Become a Police Officer in Delaware

Professional police officers are constantly required to uphold high standard, enforce the law, and act in intense and high-stress situations. Due to the seriousness of the job, becoming a police officer is a lengthy process that requires you to through a strict and difficult selection phase. While this may not apply for every state, it […]

become police officer connecticut

How to Become a Police Officer in Connecticut

Being a member of the police force in the state of Connecticut is a highly esteemed position. After all, watching the public to assure their safety is a priority is not something that every person gets the opportunity to do. The process of becoming a police offer is a diligent one, as it is necessary […]

become a police officer in Colorado

How to Become a Police Officer in Colorado

Police officers are entrusted to protect and serve the public through enforcement of laws and community outreach. They are held to high standards and expected to be model citizens. To fulfill these expectations, police officers must undergo specific training and assessments. Requirement can vary state to state. If you are interested in becoming a police […]

become police officer in California

How to Become a Police Officer in California

Are you interested in working as a police officer? This can be a very rewarding job, especially for those who enjoy helping others and being part of an important cause. However, it is important for prospective officers to realize that each state varies when it comes to its requirements for becoming a police officer. All […]

become reserve police officer

How to Become a Reserve Police Officer

If you’re interested in law enforcement, you might be interested in becoming a police officer, but you may not want to do it full-time. You could already have a job that you love, have other responsibilities that take up much of your time, or be retired. Whatever the case, becoming a reserve police officer could […]

boston police officer

How to Become a Boston Police Officer

For anyone is looking for a job that gets a significant amount of respect in the community, receives great benefits and long-term compensation, and provides an opportunity to give back, becoming a police officer would be a great option. For those that live in the Boston area, becoming a Boston, Massachusetts police officer could be […]

reasons to become a police officer

Reasons to Become a Police Officer

It can be a difficult task to decide on what one wants to do with his or her life. In some cases, career paths are often determined by what a person feels that they have always been meant to do. Law enforcement is one of those fields. Many of the men and women who pursue […]