How to Become a Police Officer in Connecticut

Being a member of the police force in the state of Connecticut is a highly esteemed position. After all, watching the public to assure their safety is a priority is not something that every person gets the opportunity to do. The process of becoming a police offer is a diligent one, as it is necessary that you are able to perform certain tasks and duties. However, with hard work and effort along the way, you can work your way towards becoming a member of the force. Here are some things you should consider for how to become a police officer in Connecticut.

Required Standards

become police officer connecticutBefore you can begin the process of applying to become a police officer, there are certain standards that must be first met. You must be at least 21 years old and a citizen of the United States. Furthermore, you must also have graduated from high school or have your GED. These are rules that typically spread to law enforcement members throughout the entire nation, and therefore they should not something that can be wavered on. If you do not meet any of these requirements, then you will have to wait until you do in order to begin the process of becoming a police officer.

Find A Precinct
Although you can go about the process on your own, it doesn’t hurt to first get your foot in the door at a precinct you are interested in working for. Not only will this allow you to meet valuable connections, but it’ll also help you get recognized as someone who wants to work in the force. Furthermore, by meeting with other law enforcement officials at a specific precinct, they can give you advice and tutelage into becoming a police officer. If you have a specific precinct in mind or an area that you want to work, it doesn’t hurt to first make contact with them and let them know of your intentions of becoming a cop. It’s not required, but it certainly doesn’t hurt either.

The Next Steps

The next step that you’ll take to become a police officer will include a written exam. This exam gauges your level of literacy, including grammar and general knowledge. Keep in mind that police officers represent the public, and therefore there are guidelines that must be met in order to work on the force.

After you have passed your written exam, you’ll then meet with a police officer one on one for an oral exam. Part of exam will include questions into why you want to be a police officer, what you bring to the force and what you would do in certain situations. You’ll also be asked about your past. Keep in mind that police officers cannot have felonies or other outstanding issues with the law. If any of this comes up in the oral interview and you cannot answer truthfully, then you will be disqualified from the process. Part of this interview process also includes a meeting with a psychologist, in order to assure that you are mentally stable to be on the force. If they decide to move forward, you will also be given a polygraph test and a urinary analysis, in order to make sure that you are clean of drugs and not lying about your history.

After the interview is completed, you’ll move on to the physical portion of the test. This includes a variety of obstacles and requirements that are needed to become a police officer. Police officers need to constantly be at their best physically, which you will be tested on to see how you hold up under these situations. In order to pass this part of the process, you’ll need to received a score of at least 40% on the performance, which will qualify you to get your Completed Health and Injury Prevention Card.

Police Academy

After you have passed all of the background exams you will then move onto the police academy. During this time you will learn to handle yourself by undergoing practical training inside and outside of the classroom. The lessons that you learn at the academy will help you become a better police officer once you are on the force.

After you have completed your training at the police academy, you will be prepared to start your profession as a police officer in the state of Connecticut. As you can see, there are a few obstacles that you must overcome. However, if you have a clean record and can complete the requirements needed, you should be able to make it onto the force. Good luck with the process and be sure to do your best, as you’ll then be serving the great people of Connecticut to keep the public a clean and safe place.

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