How to Become a Police Officer in Delaware

Professional police officers are constantly required to uphold high standard, enforce the law, and act in intense and high-stress situations. Due to the seriousness of the job, becoming a police officer is a lengthy process that requires you to through a strict and difficult selection phase. While this may not apply for every state, it is one of the core requirements in the State of Delaware. Those seeking to become police officers in this state are put through a rigorous selection process that can ensure that the participant is able to undertake the many duties of a state officer.

become police officer delawareIn the State of Delaware, the main duties include completing assigned workloads, protect the public and co-workers, arraign defendants and testify in court, report road hazards, analyze and organize evidence at accident scenes, provide emergency services to the public, assist motorists, prepare search warrants, and much more.

Suggested Abilities

The State of Delaware police departments have criteria for a number of suggested abilities that potential officers exhibit. For example, you must be able to drive through emergency and non-emergency situations, communicate well both orally and in writing, handle stressful situations with calmness, be discrete, skilled use of a firearm, knowledge of court proceedings, and have knowledge of the law and department rules, regulations, and procedures.


In terms of requirements, the minimum requirements are as follows:

  • U.S. citizen
  • At least 21 years of age
  • Nearly perfect vision in both eyes
  • Not color blind

Application Process

Before being admitted to any given police program, the applicant is first screened for eligibility, which means that they must meet the minimum requirements and exhibit traits that the department is looking for. Upon completing the initial application, the applicant must complete a written test and receive a score of at least 77%, pass a physical agility test, go through an oral board, have a background investigation performed, and undergo a polygraph or voice test that screens for drug usage, criminal activity, employment, and driving history.

Training Process

Once you complete the application process that is pretty standard across the Delaware police departments, officers that are recruited must successfully graduate from the Delaware State Police Training Academy. Those that undergo this required training program reside at the training complex for about 22 weeks, and go through intense and comprehensive police training. The topics that are studied at the academy include tactics, law, criminal procedures, cultural diversity, crisis intervention, emergency vehicle operation, firearm proficiency, computer science, search and seizure, and more. During the training program, you can expect to receive a competitive salary of $44,750 which increases after the course, a pension plan, state health care, college tuition assistance, blood bank membership, and more.

Upon Successful Completion of the Program

Those that successfully complete the program, you are then assigned to troop for 12 weeks. This assignment provides you with field training with veteran officers. One requirement, apart from passing of the training course, is that you hold a Delaware driver’s license and are a resident of the state of Delaware.


Once you complete the program and fully undergo the troop assignment, you are instantly a certified police officer in the state of Delaware. The starting salary is around $55,000, which increases are you go up the ranks. You will typically find yourself starting out as a trooper, followed by positions such as sergeant, lieutenant, captain, staff captain, major, and so forth. Overall, while the selection process and training period is quite intense and difficult, the career is great for those that would like the challenge of enforcing the law and protecting the public.

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