What Exactly Do Police Officers Do?

Police officers have a difficult job. They do their best to protect the public while making sure the law is followed properly. Police officers have a large amount of various duties, and one day may be a lot different from the next. They also must undergo extensive training since they have to deal with a certain amount of danger from time to time.

Starting the Day

Police officers work in shifts. Those who work a day shift must start their day very early. Police officers usually work long hours. A 12-hour workday is not unusual. If there is a late call, then they may end up working even more.

After waking up, officers must make sure to dress appropriately for work. This means wearing a police uniform, their badge, and pins. Most times, a bullet-proof vest must be worn to help protect them from the potentially dangerous day ahead of them.

It’s important that nothing is forgotten, including their equipment belt. This belt contains the essentials: a can of mace, a gun, extra magazines, a baton, handcuffs, and other important tools. Once they are properly equipped, the workday can begin.


Most police officers have a certain district or area in which they work. They will patrol this area by car, motorcycle, or on foot. Officers will usually start their patrol by alerting the dispatcher that they have begun. While on patrol, they will keep an eye out for suspicious persons. They also will help citizens and give them directions if necessary. Moreover, police officers must uphold the law. They watch for anyone breaking the law, and will give the offender a warning, ticket, or they will arrest them if necessary. They also may have to escort a convoy or help direct traffic.

Protecting Citizens

It’s difficult for police officers to get a good meal sometimes because they are always on call during their shift. They never know when an emergency will occur, and they must arrive at the scene as quickly as possible to help people and even save lives.

Police officers make protecting citizens a high priority. Whenever they receive a radio call about a domestic disturbance, vehicle crash, complaint, or any kind of accident, they try to immediately drive to the area in which the problem occurred and attempt to resolve the situation.

How the situation is resolved depends on what is happening. Sometimes officers will have to incapacitate and arrest a burglar who is breaking into a house. Alternatively, they may have to give first aid to victims of a car crash.

Dealing with Prisoners

When dealing with someone who is breaking the law, police officers have to be cautious. When they have detained the lawbreaker, they have to escort the criminal to jail.

Afterwards, police officers usually have to help with the booking of the criminal. They must do the proper paperwork and fill out the right forms when dealing with criminals, prisoners, accidents, and other situations.


Police officers also have to perform preliminary investigations on anything from murders to missing persons. They may also provide help to professional investigators.

Being a police officer is a dangerous job that involves protecting and helping the public while stopping criminals. Because of this, people have respect for police officers, understanding the dangers they face every day.

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